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Community Service

In need of Community Service?

If you are in need of Community Service hours that has to be completed through Clayton County,  Georgia please fill out the form below and our office will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your community service needs. All volunteers must  adhere to Area in need Missionary House Inc. Volunteer policies. 

Please email your completed form to

Client Grievance Form

A grievance is defined as any situation or condition that a client thinks is unfair, unjust or inequitable.  In addition, if a client merely states they want to file grievance, a grievance should be completed.

See Greivance Policy and Procedures


Please indicate which site you would like to fulfill your community service hours.

1. Economy Hotel – 2942 Ember Drive Decatur, Ga 30034
Serving the (2nd Saturday)

2. Economy Hotel – 241 Falcon Drive Forrest park, Ga 30297
Serving (2nd Saturday)

3. Intown Suites – 7021 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, Ga. 30236
Serving (3rd Saturday)

4. Economy Hotel – Fulton Industrial 
4265 Shirley Drive. Atlanta Georgia 
30336 Serving (3rd Saturday)