Because we care

Together We Can Build Strong Communities Where All Families are Safe and Valued


Area in Need Missionary House, Inc.

Founded in 2016, Area in Need Missionary House, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of poor, disadvantaged and homeless men, women, veterans, youth and children by ensuring that they have the support, education and resources needed to heal, grow, and blossom into who they were truly meant to be. The first initiative of the Organization was establishing the Because we Care Events at the Hotels and Extended stays in 2016 serving the Metro Atlanta Communities providing life essentials to those in need.

Partnering to build strong communities in the metro Atlanta area.  Area in Need Missionary House, Inc. has partnered with several like-minded organizations in order to help end homelessness one area at a time. Together we can make a greater impact. We have met the needs of over 10,000 individuals  since 2016.



— We Find & Help

We invest in the spiritual, personal, and professional development of people, restoring and equipping them to intentional living. We believe that empowering and coaching people toward excellence will allow each individual a second chance at life.


— We Build Networks

Area in Need Missionary House Inc. has partnered with 3 major corporations Pepsi, Quik Trip and Home Depot we are building a solid foundation within the communities we serve. We are stronger together than apart. Making a difference one area at a time.


— We Strengthen

We believe that if you strengthen and empower the parents you can reach the children and young adults to mold them into making better decisions in life.


— We Educate

We have a host of organizations that assist us in educating our clients on Diabetes, High blood pressure, home buying education and money management. We believe that it takes a village to bring individuals out of poverty and homeliness. 


— We Provide Care

To anyone that is homeless or in need. Our mission is to assist with getting individual back to a productive life. We provided Cooked Food, Non-Perishable food items Clothes, Shoes, toiletries, Case Management on site, High Blood pressure screenings, Diabetes screenings, HIV testing, Kids corner, and 2nd Chance program (Mortgage lender on site and Realtors).


— We Consult

Area in need Missionary House Inc. meet individuals where they are in life. We understand that a change is not going to happen overnight. Our clients are given the opportunity to win in life we teach, listen and we guide.



Help is on the way   “Because we Care”

Area in Need Missionary House Inc. was contacted 3 years ago by Ms. Mills her family was in need of food and clothes for 2 adults and 6 children.  Area in need supporters came through with new clothes and food, toiletries, school supplies and a host of other items. Area in Need Missionary house also partnered with an organization that sent one of her children to summer camp at not charge to the parents. Bringing families together is what we do because we care. We have assisted this family with Christmas for the past 2 years we have provided food, toys ands clothes to all six of the children in the home.

2nd Change Program “Because we Care”

Area in Need Missionary House Inc 2nd Chance Program came into effect on June 9, 2018. Our one-year program has licensed realtors and a lender on site to assist with the home rental and home buying process. We have three individual families that are in the qualifying process and three individual families that are working with our lender to strengthen their current credit score for home buying. We are dedicated to assisting all of our families that we service monthly move from homelessness to permanent housing.



Support us and change the course of a child’s life today!